Train Station Parking: A PMIA membership sticker is required for the West Side (river side) lot, and valid only for the West Side lot. Sleepy Hollow parking permits (issued by the Village) are required to park in the East Side lot; unauthorized cars in the East Side lot are likely to be ticketed by Village police. 


West Side Parking Lot: The parking lot closest to the river is private property that belongs to the PMIA. Please keep your neighbors in mind when parking here (save space, park in an orderly fashion, etc.). Your PMIA membership includes up to 2 (two) stickers for the West Side Lot, but we encourage you to walk, carpool, or be dropped off whenever possible, as space is limited. Anyone parking without a current PMIA membership sticker will be subject to ticketing, booting, or towing. 

Drop Offs: Please drop off on the East Side only – space is tight in the West Side lot, so it's easiest and safest for everyone if you drop off by the Writers' Center and continue along Riverside Drive/Kelbourne Avenue.

Street Parking: A Village ordinance states that there is no parking on the streets of the manor, so you and your guests do risk being ticketed if you are found parking outside of your driveway. If you are planning a party, or have contractors or other guests who need to park in the street, we advise you to call the Police Department at 914.631.0800.



Garbage collection: Monday & Thursday. If a holiday falls on a garbage collection day, trash pick-up will be the following business day. The Village Garbage Collection schedule can be found here or on the Channel 49 local news station. If you need to arrange for a special pick-up or have any questions about collection, you can contact the Village Clerk at 914.366.5106. 

Recycling: Wednesday. Complete information about the Village Recycling Program can be found here

Safety: Please drive slowly, and observe the stop signs. The speed limit in the Manors is 25 mph. Please remember to observe this for the safety of our children!

Dogs: We love your dogs, but not their poop (who does?!). Remember to clean up after your pups – there are public garbage bins by the train station. Also, please be sure to keep your dogs on a leash when they are not in your yard – it's the safest thing for your pup and passersby! 



Train Schedules: The MetroNorth schedule is online, and the MTA's TrainTime App is available for iPhone and Android.

Village of Sleepy Hollow: The village website is a great resource for village information. 

Philipse Manor Beach Club: Make the most of our riverfront location this summer – join the PMBC, our neighborhood beach club! 

Sleepy Hollow Manor: Learn more about our neighbors to the north through the Sleepy Hollow Manor Association website.