East Parcel Redevelopment Informational Meeting - August 10, 2016

The August 10th Informational Meeting hosted by Village Trustee Rachelle Gebler consisted mostly of suggestions from the community concerning the use and amenities for the East Parcel.  Suggestions were taken from the audience, for example, inclusion of a fountain, sprinkler area for children, covered parking, alternate access from Devries Avenue, etc.  There was a lot of enthusiasm for roadways through Philipse Manor to alleviate congestion in the village.

Although this was not a public hearing, three formal public hearings where statements and concerns will go on record are planned for August 23rd, September 12th, and September 20th.  See posting below for more info.

We strongly encourage all Manor Residents to attend or send all concerns to the Town Clerk. 

The draft concept depicting the separate spaces is attached for your review.